Sunday, May 01, 2005

Levi Santiago Brown

Ally in mommy dress Posted by Hello

Has such a damn fine name, don't you think?

He is being born RIGHT NOW in a hospital in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.Everything seems to be going okay, but Ally is having a C-section, because of how Levi is turned or something. 30-second cell phone updates don't yield very much info. But Brent didn't sound worried so I assume Mom wasn't sounding I'm not worried...not really...

But here is the prayer I chose for Ally for during labor:

Lord, you are here,
Lord you are there,
You are wherever we go.
Lord, we need you,
Lord, we trust you,
You are wherever we go.
Lord, you guide us,
Lord, you protect us,
You are wherever we go.
Lord we love you,
Lord, we praise you,
You are wherever we go.

("A Daily Chant," a prayer of the Dinka of the southern Sudan, from The Harper Collins Book of Prayers, 124.)

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