Monday, May 30, 2005


No big thoughts for today. I just want to report that Ira seems to be doing well. I will see Joe and Laura again for the first time since Ira was born next Sunday. They will resume hosting church then. Joe's most recent post reports that doctors and nurses are commenting on how strong Ira is, and the words "miracle baby" are floating around. I don't want to analyze it. I don't want to theologize about it. I just want to bask in it.

And I need to get started on some more little baby booties. I think the hat & booties I knitted and gave them a few months ago will probably be too small now...

I still have a lot to do. I haven't checked my school email account yet today and when I do, I'll be reminded that I have to polish up that History of Doctrine comprehensive exam bibliography. And tomorrow starts the online course in earnest. But today, I think, I am not going to fret. Today I think I will finally go out and get some flowery plants to adorn the balcony (which could seriously use adornment). I may do some laundry, maybe scrub the toilet or something. Yes, this is a day off. A day to get my house in order and feel good about accomplishing the small necessaries of life that just slide, slide, slide when I get busy and fretful and overloaded. I will definitely watch a rerun of Judging Amy today on TNT over lunch. I may even put in Star Wars Episode 4, just because.

Because this is a happy day, a day with good news, an in-between day that I can do with as I please. Any ideas?

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