Wednesday, May 04, 2005

can't get enough

Sol, Ally, and Levi Posted by Hello

Okay, so I can't get enough pictures. But pictures are all I have! Especially now that Ally has her hands full, more than literally, with stuff and can't go to the office and IM anymore, for awhile anyhow. I find it so incredible that I am an aunt, now twice, to children I've never laid eyes on in the flesh. Before you think I'm just plain horrible let me remind you that they live in another country! And since Sol is Honduran, she is not allowed to come with Ally and Jarrod when they visit the States. So, someday, hopefully someday really soon, I will go there...since that's the only way I'll get to see her. Plus, I just want to go! I want to see how Ally and Jarrod live, I want to walk around and breathe in the air they breathe and see and hear and smell what their everyday reality is like. Ooh! And I wanna ride those horses. But anyway, I was saying, it's hard to believe I'm an aunt...and Brent is an uncle, which apparently had to be pointed out to him yesterday by my friend Amy; it hadn't hit him yet. "Aunt Jennifer" is kinda nice. Makes me sound old, though, or if not old precisely, then grown-up and responsible-ish. Better than "Auntie Em," which just really does sound like a gray-haired old spinster, thank goodness that's Em's problem and not mine! (You know it's inevitable...besides, I'm going to do everything I can to get it stuck in their impressionable little heads...just for laughs.)

Yeah, so I just needed to sneak away from paper-writing and get another look at those gorgeous baby pictures, and think about something lovely for awhile...and so now I have done and maybe this rambly garrulity will transfer into a fluidity of composition on Hans Frei and Church of Christ hermeneutics...what do you think??? Yeah, I reckon it's a lot easier to ramble about being an aunt to charming beautiful children.

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Didn't realize you had your own blog! I will link you up to mine.

Btw - did you do a paper on Frei? I just started reading The Eclipse of Narrative.