Saturday, May 14, 2005

I like Chinese

the world today seems absolutely crackers
with nuclear bombs to blow us all sky-high
there's fools and idiots sitting on the trigger
it's depressing, and it's senseless, and that's why.

There are few things that I find comforting when I hit that flat place where nothing really seems appealing. (I've been grading all day.) But here's one. My sister Emily made me this marvelous cd with all sorts of odd things on it. The theme song from the Tick--the long version, no less. A wonderful song Brent & I discovered on a promotional film made by Mormons to encourage young people to go on their 2-year mission (the chorus goes, if you're curious, "You're gonna go to hell, go to hell"). Odd little audio clips, like this one: "I wouldn't worry nearly as much about the atom bomb if it were to kill ya right out...What scares me is that awful gas that deforms ya!" (Yeah. That would be bad.) Yep, these things just brighten my day. Oh, and, of course, "Troglodyte" (gotta finda woman, gotta finda woman, gotta finda woman). I don't really know the names of these songs or who sings them or where they came from. I just know them by heart and they make my day better. Probably they also make people's grades come out better, too.

So, thanks Em. And now it's back to my boring life...

wo ai zhongguo ren (x 3)
ni hao ma, ni hao ma, ni hao ma, zai jian!

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Anonymous said...

Trogladyte... by the Jimmy Castor Bunch. you may not know who does what, but i sho' do!