Monday, May 02, 2005


Ira Lester Hays Posted by Hello

This is Ira. This picture was taken after the surgery that put his organs in their proper places. You can see how beautiful he is, even with all the tubes and monitors and restraints.

It is so very odd for me, right now, to be rejoicing with Ally and Jarrod and Sol in the birth and good health of my little nephew Levi, who is just a week older than Ira. And to be, at the same time, grieving and hoping and fearful and angry, for Joe and Laura and Sophia, at Ira's struggle for life, life that came so easily to Levi.

Ira isn't doing so well at the moment. Joe's latest post sounds...despondent. I want so badly to say something, something true, something comforting, something solid. I don't have anything. I've already written about the struggle to post a comment. The other day I thought maybe it was admirable of people to go ahead and just SAY something, even if I want to criticize it theologically or whatever, heck, at least they have the balls to say something.

Tonight I don't feel so charitable. In fact I feel downright rude. Here's a sentence that, if I could, I would delete from the comments on Joe's blog: "This child has changed the hearts of so many in just a few short days. " Well, isn't that sweet. I'm so GLAD that Ira's struggle to breathe has changed so many lives for the better. Doesn't that just make it all fucking worth it.


Krister said...

Amen to your last sentence. We're all a bit at a loss right now. I wish others would save the long sermonettes. Sometimes a simple word is appropriate in times like these. Please pass along our frustration and anger about Ira's situation as we hope for something positive. I hope my comments haven't incurred your wrath yet (makes me think twice before posting). :) Shalom.

JTB said...

Hey Krister...No, I have never felt the call to be rude in response to one of your fact I have breathed silent prayers of thanks that you have been able to articulate something simple and affirming. Thanks for being both brave and thoughtful.