Sunday, May 01, 2005

Happy Birthday!

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Here's Jarrod's email:

Our son was born at around 11:00 AM this morning at the Honduras Medical Center in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. 12 hours of pretty hard labor ended in the need for a cesarean section due to Levi’s position. At 10 AM I said goodbye to Ally and watched her be wheeled away into an operating room in a third world country to receive what we wanted to avoid if at all possible, an epidural. It was not possible. God wrapped her in His hand, as he has done for us time after time, and everything worked out just fine. Ally is now resting after not sleeping any last night. Levi is wrapped up tight like a little burrito in the nursery at the hospital. Thank you for all of your prayers. A dear friend of ours and fellow missionary, Gena Hines, came to the hotel at 2 AM to stay with Sol, thank you so much. God has been so good to my family. Our little girl Sol brings new found joy to us everyday, we are so excited about this new journey that we are embarking on today with the addition of our son. We share this with you today electronically and wait to share it with you all personally in Honduras.

My thoughts:

Ally looks disgustingly beautiful. Women are supposed to look haggard and sweaty and altogether unattractive in these mommy shots from the hospital. She broke the code, damn her beautiful eyes.

And isn't Sol beautiful? I love being a big sister, I know she will too. Look at her getting into the role already. Pretty soon she'll be bossy and imperious and overprotective just like a big sister should.

And isn't that just the consummate daddy picture? I love it.

And yes, it looks to me like Levi has the Brown nose, make sure you read that with the capital and the space, we're not talking about character flaw or disposition here, but hey, I love a man with a strong nose.

There they are, my family. I am so proud of all of them, even Levi, who's too young to have done anything spectacular yet, but he's doomed to greatness, obviously, just look at his parents and big sis. Someday he'll be saving the world, too.

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