Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Heh heh heh. "Affirmative," that reminds me of K-9 on Doctor Who. I don't get a lot of that nowadays since Brent refuses to watch any Doctor Who and he's the one who controls the queue for Netflix.

Anyhow, there's this interesting thing out there in cyberspace (is it cyberspace or is that just the result of reading too much William Gibson?) that Krister very thoughtfully linked to in a comment on Brent's blog. A Christian Affirmation 2005. It reads very much like a creed, and yet, it isn't. It reads like it ought to be something new, and yet, it isn't. It seems like something we all ought to sign on to, and yet...

Well, all ye that are interested, go read it and see what you think.

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Fajita said...

Jennifer, I just found you on the web here on comment about the Christian Affirmation.

I am also a Harding grad from the Eng Dept.

Like your blog and thoughts.