Friday, October 10, 2008

we want Barabbas

Seriously? "Terrorist" and "bomb Obama"? People are shouting "Kill him" at Palin rallies?

How literally are we going to take that misguided Christ-reference in the old McCain ad, anyway? All the way to "Crucify him, crucify him"?

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JTB said...

update: saw last night on the news that McCain did attempt a knock-it-off answer to the statement from a voter about an Obama presidency being "scary." McCain even went so far as to call Obama "decent." It's not as far as I'd've liked to see him go, but it's certainly better than concurring or letting things slide.

I hope this sends the msg that overt Fear of the Other is not welcome or warranted in the Republican campaign.

(and for the record, since so many people have the knee-jerk reaction against considering the possibility of "racism" my new euphemism for this very present social phenomenon is "overt Fear of the Other.")