Tuesday, October 28, 2008

reasons to hope?

Out of 15 calls made to PA women voters (though I actually spoke to a couple of spouses who seemed willing to engage in conversation):

hangups: 1
polite excuses to hang up: 2
wrong numbers: 2
messages left: 3
Obama supporters: 5 + 1 probable
McCain supporters: 1

The one McCain supporter actually was the most interesting conversation of the night: a Philly resident, he readily identified the NRA/guns as the number one issue that pushed him away from Obama (this was volunteered without prompting) as "Philadelphia isn't really safe and Obama doesn't understand this issue" and, with prompting for any more important issues in deciding his vote, pro-life. He listened very politely while I offered my own pro-life rationale for my Obama support though he didn't want to engage on it. But it was a nice experience for my one phone encounter with a McCain supporter. Interestingly, he identified himself as a Democrat voting for McCain b/c of those issues. Also very interestingly, though perhaps not really relevant, is that his wife initially hung up on me, and he called me back.

But 6 out of 7 actual people on the phone more or less immediately identified themselves as Obama supporters. That's pretty hopeful. Right?

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