Monday, October 20, 2008

Top 10 Things Palin Should've Said

to prompt line, "You are way hotter in person."

off the top of my head:

You're not.
I'm also way cooler.
Too bad it's not a beauty pageant I'm competing in.
I changed my hair.
(please feel free to contribute. As Kate Eicher tweeted, there are a million witty possibilities)

But I am of the opinion that the only effective rejoinder (politically, not humorously) would have been some variation of "I'm way smarter in person, too." It's what I would have said.


Justin Burton said...

I like,

"And you're way greasier."


"And you're way more emotionally abusive."

Unknown said...

You took my "I'm way smarter in person, too" idea!
How about: "Don't let my looks distract you from my maverickiness."
Or: "And I can memorize my lines."

JTB said...

Kate we are obviously channeling the same Inner Feminist...:)

Vasca said...


JTB said...

Vasca, to be serious for a moment, that's exactly what bothers me.

Saying "I'm way smarter in person too" would be a forceful reminder that she is more than a pretty face, and imply that she has qualifications that justify her nomination as VP. Saying "thank you" simply accepts the cultural status quo in which any man, no matter how smarmy, can reduce any woman, no matter how accomplished, into nothing more than a pretty face, a nice rack, and a pert little butt. I would like to see the most visible woman on our national political stage take a stand that says 'you can't dismiss me because I'm an attractive woman'--but instead she says 'thank you' with no discernible hint of irony.

Maybe she just isn't the kind of person who does the quick witty rejoinder. But she could have said "well that's just going too far" or "you'll be hearing from my lawyer later" or "stop with the sexual harassment" but anything, anything but "thank you!"

Not being able to verbally object to being reduced to a sex object by someone's words doesn't exactly fit the image of the tough-as-nails, gun totin' moose huntin' bulldog with lipstick, either; it leaves me wondering, if she doesn't have enough forcefulness of personality to defend herself, does she have enough to successfully negotiate tough diplomatic situations on behalf of this country?