Monday, October 13, 2008


  1. tight hug round the neck from a crying toddler because you're the mommy who is the source of all comfort, even when you're the mommy who said "no" and made her cry in the first place.
  2. arguing with Dad about theological stuff without the tightness in my tummy that usually comes with disagreeing with people I love and admire and want to think well of me. breakthrough! love you Dad! thanks for arguing!
  3. Brent making me margaritas while waiting patiently for me to 1) quit talking on the phone and 2) quit the computer.
bonus: breakthrough realization on the dissertation today! yay yay yay!

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Vasca said...

BT's are good...especially when it applies to arguing w/loved ones...whatever, wherever...this week we're experiencing some fantastic BT's in Qingdao in our apartment (love it here)~ courtesy of the delivery specialist Himself. Also the air is fresh w/no political pollution...Brent's a good one...does he rim the glasses in salt?