Monday, August 10, 2009

real health care

Here's an article about the work that my sister and others at Mission Lazarus are doing to provide real health care for people who need it and don't have it. What they're doing is amazing.

I can't help but think of the difference between the Christian principles being lived out by Mission Lazarus folk and the outcry against healthcare reform in our own country--an outcry which, in its myopic focus on the bottom line (and that's skipping the idiocy of unfounded clinging to false rumors about ridiculous things like "death panels"--I mean, really? hey, did you know the Metal Ones are also coming for you? anytime now, and they'll be funded by Obama's health care death panel) forgets that the bottom line is not money, it's sick people. I can't help but wonder if some of the same people who support Mission Lazarus and efforts like it are protesting health care reform for the American poor, even while they applaud my sister and her coworkers for taking care of the poor and the sick--somewhere else. I can't help but wonder if pointing out the irony will force a reconsideration of the Christian principles at stake here.

But then, not that many people read this blog. And those that do probably aren't afraid of the Metal Ones anymore. :)

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