Wednesday, August 12, 2009

do look down

I'm kind of excited about a nifty new feature I've added to the blog.

The folks behind Ameritocracy, which I blogged about last year, have been developing an app called "Insight" for use on individual websites which provides a space for the same kind of feedback did, only this time, it's website content that can be responded to, questioned, and evaluated by your readers.

It's not really meant for a little personal blog like this one, probably. But as it's in beta testing and free right now I thought it would be fun to use for awhile.

Look down at the bottom of the page, and you should see a little bar that invites you to highlight text and give your feedback. I think you will need to become a part of my "group," which I named "posthumans for a liveable world," and feedback, in the form of questions or comments or facebook-like quick ratings (think the "like" button Facebook status updates, only with more options) is displayed on the group's page.

I think what I like most about the app is that is highlights some of the basic functions of any epistemic community and the way that knowledge is collectively constructed by those that are a part of it. All of the same things happen in the commentary already to be sure, but the app makes it a little more obvious how/why pieces of knowledge get constructed the way they do, by making explicit evaluations and sources of info, etc.

So, if you're as into social epistemology as I am, enjoy! If not, you can still join us posthumans in our attempt at constructing a liveable world. I mean, the more the better...seriously.

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JJT said...

Or you may see just a little box in the lower left corner with a little aqua "in" inside it, and you can click on that.

And you can participate as guest user 10 times before needing to register, which is nice.