Wednesday, August 05, 2009

NPR on the SBC

"For the first time in decades, the Southern Baptist Convention is losing members. It lost former President Jimmy Carter nine years ago. Recently, Mr. Carter wrote that a big reason for leaving was its treatment of women. The SBC says women cannot hold positions of leadership over men."

Baptist Leaders Face Challenge on Women's Roles

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JTB said...

my snarky comment: it's too bad it takes losing a publicly prominent man to notice you've probably been losing women for decades. But, as KH observed at the CSC--losing women doesn't get noticed, as they're not allowed to be fully present to begin with. :(

and the image of that woman pastor having to walk past picketers and explain to her son why they're calling her "Jezebel"--argh.

all the more reason to blog from the relative safety of unemployment, and no ambition for professional ministry, I guess.

Lara said...

my snarky comment follows the last line of the piece:

or 10 yr old baptized boys

I pray it's less than 50 years. I'd like to experience it before I die.