Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a random complaint

Apparently other people have noticed the sperm penetrates vagina motif of this Omnaris commercial as well. I am really, really tired of seeing it.

One minor thing I personally hope for out of health care reform? No more sexist commercials for nasal spray on my TV. And maybe even no more ads for meds, period: depression meds, weight loss, aspirin regimens, erectile dysfunction pills, hormone replacement therapies, osteoporosis treatments, you name it, quit telling me to ask my doctor about whatever drug you want me to pay exorbitant amounts of money to put in my body that I probably don't need.

But especially, quit with the sexist commercials about how armies of masculine meds can fix my permanently out-of-whack female body. Vaginas, even analogical ones, ought to be off-limits for TV commercials.


kbeck said...

Who else has made this connection? There is no indication in the You Tube clip.

And . . . I agree with you that pharmaceutical ads for "everything" that ails us should not be forced upon the viewing public. I'm personally offended by the E.D. commercials . . . Let's be sure and indoctrinate the next generation of young men to think that sex is THE most important expression of intimacy with a woman!! (I can be snarky and sarcastic too. Could it be that being voiceless and "valued-less" by a patriarchal denomination can have that effect on women!?)

JJT said...

hmmm...where did I see the complaints about that...someone said smth about it being a riff off of a Woody Allen joke, maybe? it was some kind of bulletin board for pharm sales reps maybe. but I can't find it now.

For the record, my husband thinks the whole sperm/vagina motif is stretching it. (um... oh well.)

but yeah: the fact that ED drugs are funded, researched, developed, and marketed at the remarkable level that they are, is a function of the way political and economic interests collide with material reality in a dysfunctional way. Nobody's dying of erectile dysfunction, as far as I know, but there are lots of people dying of cancer and heart disease and heck, obesity, for that matter--but where is the $$ for that? These problems are just not sexy enough...