Friday, July 10, 2009

JTB: from Hetty (an old, and second-hand, story)

"There is a story about Hetty, one of Charles Darwin's daughters, when she was an eight-year-old girl troubled by the death of a slightly older sister. According to family records, Hetty was worried with thoughts of the afterlife and especially concerned about her sister going to Heaven. One day Hetty asked her mother, 'But Mamma, where do the women go to, for all the angels are men?' According to Emma Darwin's diary, she then burst into tears."

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julie said...

Jenn, I told you that I would start reading and I have but I can only read one post at a time...maybe two. I am overwhelmed with emotion....emotion that jumped out and startled me. I will share more later as I process all this. I have tricked myself into thinking that I am okay with so many things and lulled myself into complacency. Not a good place to be. I will return tomorrow and read more and think more. Stan and Mike are both my friends and I had no idea that they were reading also.