Friday, July 24, 2009

from Mercy Street: Seeking Women Preachers!

Seeking Women Preachers! We at Mercy Street Church of Christ are scheduling guest preachers for our worship services for the next few months. If you feel called by God to preach contact Stan at the following email address. Or maybe you don't have that mysterious prompting people refer to as a "calling." Perhaps you just have a good word to proclaim to the church. Women from the Church of Christ heritage from the Abilene, Texas area or those who might be traveling to our fair city and would be willing to guest preach are encouraged to participate. I know we will be blessed.

Our email address is: Let us know if you’d like to participate.


TKP said...

Stan, this is wonderful. I would love it if you'd record any sermons and post them as mp3s.

stan said...

Excellent idea TKP. We'll plan on it.

stan said...

Thank you JTB for posting our announcement. We've already had a number of inquiries and even a few volunteers to preach!

jduckbaker said...

Stan- if we ever make it all the way out there, we will be visiting. Otherwise we'll also look for the mp3s!
God bless your endeavors and adventures.