Monday, July 06, 2009

in the hometown

First, it wasn't till I went back to middle TN that I realized this is our sixth year in NJ. That seems like a long time. We didn't, like some folks, celebrate our New-York-aversary, or whatever the NJ equivalent might be, because, well, NJ isn't NYC after all. (I do love the Garden State and all, but...) Anyhow, going back produced, like always, those feelings of simultaneous belonging and strangeness. That's not sad; it just is. And that weird limbo is familiar space to me in so many ways anyhow that it ceases to be weird, and is And, you know, I enjoy it.

Second, there will be some kind of major blog post soon, on some of the incredible moments from the CSC. And possibly some follow-ups of an anecdotal sort, taking my cue from the format of the Friday morning panel session on women's experiences within the Churches of Christ. I wish I had taken notes--but it was impossible to even think about it--the whole thing was too riveting for such a distraction.

Third and most important, if you don't know what's happening in Honduras, get thee to a TV or NPR or whatever you use for news these days and find out. Then get yourself on twitter, and follow @missionlazarus to get my bro-in-law's updates. And then pull out your prayer hankies, your prayer rug, your prayer bench, or whatever it is you use, and start haranguing the Almighty to keep Jarrod, his dad, and all those children at the Refuge safe, or perhaps just to come down and start enforcing that will-done-on-earth-as-it-is-in-heaven bit. Yes, harangue. No pretty pleases or polite petitioning. Start yelling--God can handle it, and this is important.

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kel said...

people always ask me if i like texas (which btw i think is a funny question to be asked repeatedly), and i always say, "i find it easier to appreciate from a distance."