Wednesday, July 08, 2009

from Amy Wilson: "She-Preach"

By Michelle Sanchez, MDiv
Printed in Priscilla Papers, Vol 23, No 2, Spring 2009

Flames of beauty-fire erupt from her lips
Like pure Pentecost
Her sister-speech sears and refines
Until all who listen
Dazzle like gold

Her mother-mouth is a fountain of life
Beckoning blossoms to sprout in desert souls
And birthing warm, fresh children
Into the cradle-kingdom of God

With enraged enmity her seed-sayings
Crush the skulls of satanic strongholds
Warrior-princess, her daughter-declarations
Authoritatively enact the triumph-rule of her Father-King

Like Eve, she promises life and redemption —
Like Sarah, she finds and inspires faith —
Like Miriam, she leads her sisters sweetly in song —
Like Deborah, she leads her brothers boldly to battle —
Like Jael, she is a secret weapon who smashes the enemy —
Like Ruth, she righteously breaks the rules —
Like Abigail, she is an ambassador of reconciliation —
Like Hannah, she prays in the revival of nations —
Like Huldah, she poignantly prophesies the troubling truth —
Like Mary, she chants magnificent melodies of peace and justice —
Like Priscilla, she patiently teachings the mysteries of the Word —
Like Junia, she is an outstanding preacher of the gospel!

Sister-mother-daughter-aunt-wife-friend . . .
At last!
Her soprano sermons rise and resound
As she joins the symphony with the best of her brothers
And so
The Great Co-Mission
May be completed
At last!

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