Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tracy's update

Well, no signs of labor yet and Mom arrived last night, so, now all I can say is,

Baby Clare, get a move on!!!

But not today since Maria is with someone else whose baby decided to be early, and not Sunday, 'cause she teaches. But Friday would be good...yeah, tomorrow would be great!

The cool Lutherans next door will be posting on the blog to announce the birth, so, keep checking...


Anonymous said...

Baby Clare? Are you finally announcing the name?

Little Light said...

Too bad because I had a dream last night that the baby came and she was named Louise. I was hoping it proved me psychic once and for all.

JTB said...

Well, TKP outed the name in her comment in the last post, and at this point, I figure what the hell. We're still a little undecided on the middle name though and that partially depends on when this child finally decides she's ready to join the rest of the big bad world.

Unknown said...

Middle names:



Ion (pronounced e-un)

Danes (not a good choice)



Ous (look it up)


That's all I can come up with...

Anonymous said...

How about these?




--The Father

Casey. said...

Just a preview of the nicknames little Clare is in for for the rest of her life. Take it from me...Casey and the Sunshine Band, Casey at the bat, Casey Jones (the guy "at bat", the train on Dumbo, and the man on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). I do like Clare Annette, though.

R-Liz said...

I like Annette. Clever all the way around.

Just out of curiosity, how will you work the kid's last name? Like Jen's? Like Brent's? Perhaps Bates-Thweatt-Bates?

TKP said...

Oh, you never told me that the name was on the down low. My bad. I hope she loves her GASB onesies as much as I do! Have plenty of Puffs kleenex handy�G I have a hunch Brent is going to need them the most. Oh yes, does Clare have a request for the GASB playlist?

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