Sunday, June 11, 2006

So, our bags have been packed for about 3 weeks now. In addition to clothes for me and Brent and indispensable books like The Birth Partner and all the paraphernalia for Clare, there are quite a few items packed especially for their symbolic value.

My going home outfit is Mom's blue dress. She wore this when she was pregnant with me 30 years ago.

To go with the dress I'll take along the necklace that Brent's mom Malda gave me a long time ago--back when we were first married, or maybe even before--a truly unique and beautiful piece that never fails to garner compliments when I wear it.

One of the helpful packing lists in one of the very helpful books Maria loaned us says you should definitely have warm socks. So I have the snuggly warm socks with the heat-up-able gel inserts that Emily gave me for Christmas packed.

A bathrobe for walking around in: my Grandmother's silk kimono from Japan, deep blue and embroidered, gorgeous and comfortable.

To be packed last-minute, (on my last-minute, don't forget list) is the iPod. On it is a variety of relaxing music, including all the songs I have that my Dad has recorded so far.

The helpful packing list suggests bringing an item, like a picture or an object, to focus on during labor. When I visited Honduras for Thanksgiving last year, I was just a couple months pregnant, but Ally and Jarrod had found this beautiful statue of a mother cradling a child and gave it to me when I got there. And it will go to the hospital with me.

So, while the only people in the room with me will be Brent and Mom and Maria and the midwife, everyone is there in some I will be surrounded by reminders of all the people who love me.


TKP said...

I LOVE the blue dress, how wonderful to wear it!

Anonymous said...

You brought tears to my eyes. You look so happy. I love it that you’re wearing Pat’s dress. How great is that! And I love it that you’re taking the necklace I gave you. It all brings back memories of my pregnancy with Brent, as well. By the way, he set the precedent of being late (12 days). It can’t be much longer now, and I’m praying that Granddad B wins the bet. It is going to be one of the best days of your lives.

Andrea Sue said...

that is so sweet. Surrounded by the loved one even though there not there. awwwww

D.J. said...

You look so beautiful and peaceful, even in the midst of waiting. I love that you've put so much thought into what to pack. I'm trying to find the perfect picture or object to focus on, but I definitely have a place of serenity in my mind that just might do the trick. My due date is Saturday, but if my baby is anything like Clare, she's going to take her time.

I'll be praying for a lovely birth experience!

mom23 said...

I am nominating this post entry into some kind of blog entry contest. I just love this entry.

Hope you guys had a great first day at home!