Monday, June 06, 2005

plague of the anonymi

This is to all you anonymi out there.

Go get a name.

Quit hounding people with your cowardly, self-righteous, destructive stupidity.

Blogs are great. I love writing what I think, and feeling that every so often someone will stumble upon it, maybe read it, maybe think a little bit, and go on with life just a little bit changed, or encouraged, or challenged. But the dark seamy stinky underside of the blog world is YOU, Anonymous. You skulk. You take cheap shots and run away and hide under your non-identity. You SUCK.

But here's something for YOU to think about, no-name. Maybe in being Anonymous you have robbed yourself of your own identity. Maybe each time you write a wounding comment on someone's blog and click "Anonymous" you have eroded your very own self in the process. Maybe, if you do it enough, you will shrink down and fade away and eventually disappear from the earth with a soft, gushy little "pop!" and there will be no more of YOU. Maybe in betraying everyone else with your nasty, pusillanimous weaselly comments you are at the same time betraying everything good in your own self. Maybe in hiding who you are, you lose who you are and should be and might have become.

THERE. Go think about that as you skulk back to your evil slimy den and eat your Cheetos. And hey! If you want to comment on this blog, Anonymous, go right ahead. Because I already know how much an unsigned comment is worth. I won't delete it. I'll leave it there so everyone can witness what a coward you are. Maybe we'll laugh at you. Maybe we'll pity you. But we won't be able to respect you. Because there's no one there to respect.


Anonymous said...

JTB-This is the post I have been wanting to write for the last year but never had the gumption to follow through. Thank you for voicing this; I share your perspective. Hope all is well in Princeton. Shalom!

Jared Cramer said...

And now, please come as we stand and sing:

Troublesome times are here, filling anonymi's hearts with fear, comments that they held dear now are at stake. If they don't put their name, Thweatt-Bates will put them to shame. We bloggers won't play their game, so kiss off!!!