Monday, June 20, 2005

hear ye, hear ye

I have an announcement to make.

I am a "bad Christian."

I have proof.

You can find out if you're a "bad Christian," too. Take the test. I would encourage you not to endeavor to improve your score (despite the exhortation at the end when you get your results back). Think of it like golf: the lower the better.


emily said...

wow, i'm totally bad! i got a -3. i didn't know i was a commie pig either... who knew me and stalin were soul mates.

emily said...

i also find it the most funny, when looking at the breakdown of my score, that i lost the most points when i didn't have an opinion on whether or not satan is real. they didn't ask me whether or not i thought that satan manifested himself in chaotic evils like cancer; it was more along the lines of 'do you believe in a boogey man wearing a red cape.'

JTB said...

Yes, apparently it is just as evil to have no opinion or not know something for sure as it is to be actually "wrong." Did you notice that they helpfully supply you with the "correct" answers to all your wrong'uns as well? So considerate.

Anonymous said...

If you have any "liberal" thoughts doesn't that automatically make you bad Christian in today's world?

JTB said...

Yeah, so being a "Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Secular Humanist Worldview Thinker" makes me a real out, I will rock your world(view)...just 'cause I don't think there's a biblically ordained tax code...yeesh...

JTB said...

Oh, and I have to add that I received this email from the fine folks who administer the Worldview test today:

Worldview Weekend is proud to announce the unveiling of its latest premier website!

Christian Worldview Network: Your Antidote for Liberalism and Christian Happy-Talk

Finally there is a cutting edge website that includes articles, columns and news from a Christian worldview perspective that is not afraid to take on the politically correct and Christian-happy talk crowd. Why? Because two of the greatest threats to America are the liberals in the church and liberals outside of the church.

Featured articles and columns by: David Barton, Ray Comfort, Brannon Howse, Tim Wildmon, Rick Green, Kirk Cameron, Ron Carlson, Jason Carlson, Todd Friel, David Wheaton, Ingrid Schlueter, Kerby Anderson, Lowell and Tamara Scott, Steve Crampton, Woodrow Kroll, Dennis Wright, Eric Holmberg, David Noebel and more to be announced.

Visit to better understand the times and know what to do to defend of faith, family and freedoms and proclaim biblical evangelism and the Christian worldview.

Please forward this e-mail to two friends to let them know about Christian Worldview Network.

Please don't miss the part where they call me a "threat to America." I probably will have trouble getting on a plane from now on.

emily said...

also, be aware that kirk cameron (childhood hunk from family ties and erstwhile star of the movie versions of the tim lahaye rapture books) will be featured as a columnist.

i repeat: hilarious!

and if jen is a threat to america then i am the duke of luxembourg.

Anonymous said...

hey, i took it too. i got 61 points, i am a secular humanist worldview thinker. what's all that mumbo-jumbo. i am waiting for my email from them. i don't think my test is accurate because i didn't understand half the questions, or they were ambiguous, or they were political, or i just don't know if there's proof of a worldwide flood. hmph, i hate being categorized. and, i wanted a negative score too. gotta go check out brent's blog now.

Anonymous said...

plus, how do you "tend to agree" that George W. is the president of the U.S.

JTB said...

Yay! We're a family of baddies! Mom and Dad sure did a bang-up job raisin' us young'uns. Maybe we should make them take the test!!! Can you imagine calling Daddy a secular humanist or marxist whatchama thinker?!

emily said...

just wanted to point out that dad would never waste his time on such a test. remember how much he hates multiple choice questions because they never EVER have a choice listed that he would naturally respond with? dad's on another plane, man! he could never make do in the world of multiple choice.

by the by-- yes, al, i also was bumfuzzled by the question regarding g-dub's presidency. i guess the point is to convince us that ALL of the questions were about factual/hard-evidence things... as in: "of course there was a worldwide flood, that's as obviously true as the fact that george is in the white house" sort of thing.
or maybe that test is just a little silly and self-congratulatory. :)