Wednesday, November 06, 2013

unscientific survey

A few days ago, I found myself trying to adequately convey to a class of 30 undergrads what I meant by the phrase "unmarked identity" (ostensibly, we were discussing Rawls and his "original position" behind the "veil of ignorance") and why it's problematic.

So, on the spot, I tried this: "Okay. Girls. Answer this: do you ever walk into a room full of people without being consciously aware of the fact that you are a woman?" A pretty much unanimous "no." Then I asked the boys. "Do you ever enter a room full of people feeling conscious of the fact that you are a man?" Blank stares like the question didn't even make sense. No, of course not.

This, y'all. This is why "unmarked" equals "privilege."

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Tigs said...

That's fascinating and it makes sense. Thank you.

And I never walk into a room without being conscious that I am a female either.

I think that's why I try to stay out of rooms with people in them :)