Friday, November 01, 2013


Today the internet told me,

"In Genesis, Eve wanted to become equal to God. Thus, that women want to be equal,
considered the same as men, is to be expected....So God assigning men to teach and to lead in their congregations and in their families is a way to remind women that they are
human and therefore not above instruction and correction."


Matthew Dowling said...


By the way, when I entered this comment on the blog, the Captcha thingy asked me to enter some text to prove I wasn't a robot. Knowing your interest in a cyborgs , etc. - I thought that was funny.

Amy Moran said...

I just read the same thing. Ha ha! I'm following in your Internet-scanning footsteps. What's funny is that as I started to read the post, I thought, "He's going to say it, isn't he?" And then he did!

He also goes on to say, I think, that men at a Bible study who don't talk much are damned to hell. Interesting observation. I would probably assume they're shy.

JJT said...

I think what gets me is that it goes a couple steps beyond the usual "Eve sinned first" argument. First it (probably unintentionally) seems to equate men and God because it equates Eve's desire to "be God" with "women's" desire to be "equal and same" as men. And then the conclusion that believing in equality between the sexes is sinful (and originally sinful at that)is a good step beyond the usual complementarian "separate but equal" stance.

I'm used to the standard lines but this is beyond that.

JJT said...

Yeah, I really wish it wouldn't say that "prove you're not a robot" thing!!!