Saturday, July 06, 2013

Everyday sexism: Wimbledon version

It's not all strawberries and cream, y'all.

Take a look at this screenshot of my twitter feed from earlier:

Imagine proving you're the top professional in your field, in front of millions, and instead of commenting on your skill, your stamina, your determination, your years of preparation, the public commentary is framed by discussion of your looks and what a shame it is that your "pretty" opponent couldn't get it together to beat you.

And then let's consider briefly how that framing demeans your opponent as well.

And then, let's consider how this public, mainstream commentary gives implicit permission for much uglier commentary by the semi-anonymous hordes on the Internet (warning: the language in the tweets pictured is appalling):

File this away as Exhibit ZZZ for proof that no, the world is not a post-feminist utopia.

And once again ask, how does the church witness to the world here? Are we really that different? And shouldn't we be? 

So what are we waiting for?


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