Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I delete all over your censored

Clare's "Obama baby" video is now at over 11,000 hits and I get a new comment every few days. Most of these are the kinds of things you'd hear at a baby shower: she's so adorable, etc. And that's about the level of discourse that video deserves. But occasionally there's a comment that, generally with a great amount of cursing, calls Obama "Satan himself" claiming that he voted for infanticide and throwing babies in the trash. (Wha??? Someone sponsored a bill for this?)

Now, I get that this video is labeled with Obama's name, and that it clearly indicates a voter's preference and is in some sense advocating on behalf of a candidate. But it's also primarily a proud-parent video of my precious little baby. And so I think it's doubly inappropriate for these troll-ish comments to appear...not only ignoring all standards of rational debate, common sense and basic courtesy, but forgetting that this video is about Clare more than it is about politics. Please don't cuss on my baby's video, people. That's just awful.


JTB said...

for the record, here is the last comment posted:

"WARNING BABY- OBAMA KILLS BABIES BY INFANTCIDE!!!OBAMA IS A ATHESIT, RACIST ,NO MORAL CRACKPOT!! Do you know that he voted for INFANTCIDE (killing live newborns and dumping them in the trash.)and that he calls children punishments in his speech to high school students. All the proof is right he on you tube. He is Satan himself!!"

I'm inclined to think that posting this kind of stuff and addressing it to a toddler is evidence "moral crackpot"-ness.

cathyfa, you are now blocked from commenting on my baby's video since this is the second time you've posted this crap.

Anonymous said...

That's so sad. Clare's so cute watching the video. And she's talented, look at her, she's got rhythm!

Why does the ignorance of other people always get in the way?