Wednesday, October 03, 2007

a modest request

I don't have any money to spare these days, no matter how much I would love to give fistfuls of it away to anyone with the heart and intelligence to use it wisely in solving the world's pressing problems of hunger and oppression and violence.

But I do have a blog (thank goodness blogger is free) and GKB's modest request is to link back to his website to let as many people as possible know about the work he'll be doing through the organization Invisible Children. I haven't checked in forever and for all I know, only 2 people ever even read this blog anymore, but hey, you two, if you can spare some $$ to help get GKB over to Africa and do some good work there...God bless you, and GKB, and the children that no one sees that Greg will be photographing on this trip.


JTB said...

when I say, not any money to spare these days...I mean, I sweated it when I noted our grocery bill was $7 over budget last week and resolved to do better. Just to give some perspective. I know it sounds like a lame-ass excuse, and even knowing how true it is that we're living on a shoestring, I still have guilt...

Chris Benjamin said...

So here I am trying to figure out how we know each other in the wonderful world of Facebook. I am all "Six Degrees of Separation" and such. Then it dawns on me - Fred Aquino. I think I met you one day at lectureship a few years back.

Anyhow, your blog is very interesting. Good material.

And tell us more about the class you are teaching . . .“Science Fiction, Eschatology and Social Criticism”

Why didn't they have classes like that when I went to school?

JTB said...

Yes, I'm a Fredophile.

I TA'd last spring for the SF class--the prof was Dr. Rick Osmer. It was a great class--if you want I could email the syllabus or the book list or something.