Thursday, October 25, 2007


Clare came home from daycare today with a very symmetrical distinct round of teethmarks on her shoulder. Yep, she got bit today.

I know that this is fairly normal but I feel almost ready to bite someone myself...that maternal protective instinct is fierce!


R-Liz said...

The maternal instinct is EXTREMELY fierce. On the one hand I think it's a force that can help prevent and solve wars. But on the other hand I think it is the biggest obstacle in me practicing non-violence 100%. People who tout non-violence and who don't have children-- I don't think they realize the power of parental protectiveness. I certainly didn't until after I had Ellie.

I hope the daycare was aware of this incident occurring. It's impossible to prevent these things all the time, but I hope they know which kiddos are prone to bite. Little Brian came to us as a biter, and it is SO hard to deal with. He is such a sweet boy who learned this bad habit from other kids who used to bite him. One time he bit a little kid outside our family. I was devastated. In all likelihood the parents of the kid who bit Clare would feel the same way. I hope.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! That sounds nerve-wracking. And you don't even know who bit her! They could have rabies... or plaque. It could be either. It could easily be either.