Tuesday, September 04, 2007

the first day

So, this was it.

Clare's first day at The Children's Garden. And my first Dissertation Day.

How did we do?

Well, Clare didn't notice when I left, being engrossed in some new fascinating toy she'd never seen before. There was no agonizing tearful scene or anything. She loved playing outside, they said, and ate all her strawberries and most of her crackers right when I said she would get hungry. But she wouldn't go down for her nap. And she's got a runny nose. (I don't think this was childcare cause and effect--I have a runny nose too.)

I did not do quite so well. I did re-read my proposal and was pleasantly surprised at how organized my thoughts seemed, and how intelligent it sounded overall. Oh yeah, I thought, this is what it's about--good thing I read this thing again so I could jog my memory. And then I covered about 40 pages of Andy Clark's Natural-Born Cyborgs, which I'm finding quite congenial so far.

Then I took a shower--something I still find quite difficult to schedule in on a regular basis. It's amazing what a baby does to the logistics of personal hygiene. (Not to mention the motivation--after all they don't care if your legs are hairy or your armpits smell.) Then I went to the grocery store because there was nothing for Clare to eat for lunch, and bought lots of bananas and stuff. Then I picked her up. And that was that.

So, I think I'll give myself a C- for today. But Clare gets an A-. Maybe Thursday she'll nap, and pull it up to an A.


TKP said...

You get an A+ for today cuz you helped me land a much-needed job. Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Hey, could you help me land a much-needed job, too?

JTB said...

Only if you kiss up to me and call me your "mentor" and send me a painless short reference form. :)

Anonymous said...

You are my mentor when it comes to feminism and cyborgs.

JTB said...

That's all I'm good for anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Now, I know that ain't true. I look forward to seeing you at the lectureship.

R-Liz said...

I'm very impressed with Miss Clare, and what a relief it must be for you to know she enjoyed her time there.

I also think you did great. To expect yourself to be totally engrossed in your dissertation without taking some much needed and overdue me-time would've been unhuman. People who can do that just don't seem real to me.

Would you mind sending me an invitation to Miss Clare's Rude Baby site? I'd love to hear more about what she's been up to.