Sunday, September 09, 2007

a cool thing I did

A couple months ago I knitted the coolest thing ever. I got the pattern from Knitty (and I found Knitty through Brian). I have enough yarn left to make another (and perhaps even more) so pretty soon I will make one of these for Clare. But the first one belongs to Baby Sylva...Happy 1st Birthday!


mom23 said...

A snail? A scarf? I give up - what is it?

And when on earth do you have time for this? You're amazing.

Anonymous said...

It's an extinct sea creature called a nautiloid (if I remember the card I ripped up correctly). It's also damn cool.

TKP said...

I was a little scared of it at first, but it's still cool JTB. Where's its eye?

JTB said...

It does have eyes but I was so excited about it I took the picture before sewing its eyes on. Its eyes are, alas, a bit asymmetrical but in such an otherwise magnificently symmetrical creature I figure it's that homey touch of irony that makes it really special.