Wednesday, June 06, 2007

postscript to What to Expect

Yesterday Clare was vile and cranky, a little feverish, and very interested in poking at her ears. Adding it all up: "ear infection!" Took her to the doctor--ears are fine. So is everything else. And the mystery krank has disappeared overnight: today she is again a jolly baby pleased with the universe.

So, what's with the ears? In retrospect, I think I should have interpreted it as the latest of a series of intensive investigations in Clare's new fascination with Holes I Can Stick My Fingers In. It started with my bellybutton, then she found my nose, then she found her nose, and now she's found her ears. Of course, any incidental holes in the environment are fair game.

Now, I ask you...could there possibly be anything more "masculine"???


JTB said...

She did, however, play with a baby doll today. She seemed very interested in it pretty much as soon as she saw it. She held it and looked at it and then tried to bite its head off.

Shannon said...

Hee, hee! You crack me up! Good observation, chica! ;-)