Sunday, June 24, 2007

post- post

So, the Christian Scholars Conference was great fun. My paper, though not brilliant in my estimation, was well-received nonetheless and I got loads of encouragement from people I knew and from people I had just met. And once that was done, the pressure was off and I could really relax and enjoy just hanging out and reconnecting with ACU people and Harding folks and others I haven't seen in years. I probably played hooky more than I should have but it was just so much fun to talk to people in honest to God real adult language. I did attend a session on pacifism, and a very interesting session on Proverbs, which drew me because of the Wisdom sermon from a few weeks back. One of the presentations there put that whole sermon in a different perspective for me, which was fascinating. (I might blog this out later but not here since this post is just a mishmash post-conference post.)

Just me. Twenty-five pounds lighter than normal because Clare wasn't situated on my hip. Liberation! I certainly did have my moments of maternal melancholy (should never have let myself visit rude baby's blog, big mistake), but overall, it was wonderful to rediscover a me that was my own again.


TKP said...

What, you don't have cool pictures from crazy scholars at the CSC? I have to admit I am disappointed. BTW, you never sent me that email you mentioned after my announcement.

Anonymous said...

So, is the CSC, forgive my ignorance here, but being utterly secular in everyway, I don't know much about the religious conferences, mainly a restoration movement thing... or given that it was houses at RC it became so?