Sunday, May 20, 2007

we did it!

Yay! Despite the best efforts of NJ Transit to thwart our mission, Clare and I rendezvoused with Casey et al. (unnamed people, if you want to be associated by name with this blog do let me know, I am protecting you not snubbing you) at the 59th St./5th Ave. entrance to Central Park, a bit late but with no major trouble. And off we went! Clare did not unfortunately perfect her new skill well enough to walk on her own (although she was sporting a brand new pair of shoes in honor of her new accomplishment). But between the stroller and the sling and many people willing to push and/or carry my heavy, heavy girl, we had no problem at all.

Here are some pics Casey took for me and hopefully Nate will send me the pics from his camera so I can post them too.

Best of all was the knowledge that Clare made 200% of her fundraising goal thanks to ONE awesome donor! HTB, you are a little girl's hero.

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