Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hi everyone,

Clare and I didn't make it to the MS walk a few weeks back, and I don't think many of you made it over to the donation page for CCfB's team either. Shame on all of us, really.

So here's a chance to redeem ourselves. Clare and I have signed up as part of CCfB's team for the AIDS Walk, which is this coming Sunday, May 20. Now, I'll be straight with you all: we probably won't be doing any actual walking [update: actually, we are planning on doing this and skipping church later]. First off, Clare--despite amazingly rapid progress over the last 3 days--is still a novice at the upright mobility thing. Plus, she has no shoes, which is fine at home and on grass but probably not so great on NYC sidewalks. But more of an obstacle is the fact that we really have no way of getting to NYC in time to join in the walking. But Casey assures me that we should sign up anyway, so we have. Check it out. And don't miss Clare's page.

So, look. I don't have a fundraising goal for myself. But Clare's goal is a modest $25. Don't break her teensy little innocent heart.

She consulted me on this, what her fundraising goal should be, and I figured, well, it shouldn't be more than we'd be willing to give ourselves. So we have. Just in case you were wondering. And believe me, that $25 was like the widow's two mites around here, so dig into those deep pockets, wealthy employed readers, and make Clare's day by helping her help people. Even though she can't walk.


Casey. said...

Thanks for signing up. This is the most wonderful plea for donations I've ever seen. Come on people! Step and up, and save little Baby Clare from disillusionment and prematurely being thrown into teen angst.

JTB said...

So, Casey, when I signed up it asked me how I found out about the AIDS walk and the category I selected was "friend/family/co-worker." I am of course delighted to count you as a friend (always and not just for categorization purposes on a webpage), but it struck me that there were all sorts of categories of various sorts but NOT "church." I assume this is because churches simply aren't a significant vector of information spreading for the AIDS walk? Do you know if this is the case?

JTB said...

WOW! Clare's met her fundraising goal and then some! Thanks!!!

Isn't this inspiring, everybody?

Unknown said...

Thank you for doing this!