Wednesday, April 25, 2007

my other audience

Hello aliens,

I hope you're still reading the blog. I know that generally the concerns addressed here are rather parochial from your undoubtedly cosmic point of view but I like to think that my blog-in-space efforts have an audience. Unfortunately, statcounter isn't able to track you (what's your ISP?) so I can never really be sure.

But it looks like we may have found your home. Or maybe a neighbor? Or maybe we're way off...but if we're right, then you might have water, like us, your planet might be rocky or might be one big ocean, and you're probably a lot shorter and stockier than we are 'cause your gravity is 5 times the 9.8 m/s2 we've got going on here. But there's a chance that, if your planet's like ours, you might be a great deal like us...enough that we could maybe communicate. Of course, reading this blog kind of answers that question. Please feel free to leave a comment. And if we've got you confused with someone else's planet, it would be really helpful if you'd let us know. Maybe a map? Or at least a nudge in the right direction.


TKP said...

I just read your CV and if you ever try to tell me that you're not very smart or something I will not hear it. Ever.

JTB said...

wanna give me a job?

TKP said...

Sure. You can be my life planner. By the way, I need your feedback on the GASB blog.