Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So, those of you are not (or never have been) CofC may not be interested, but gal328.org is a marvelous website to check out if you are. Since I am already most decidedly convicted on the subject of Gender Justice and Churches of Christ, my favorite part of the site is the forum. Sadly, over the last year the forum has slowed down quite a bit. I faithfully checked it every day for months and months even though there was rarely a new post to read. I now probably check every week (or so). It's not that gender justice is any less urgent or fascinating a topic of discussion among us; just that, I think, everyone who reads and participates in the forum conversation has been there awhile and has had ample opportunity to share and say what they think to a sympathetic audience of like-minded people. And now that we've done that, we exist in companionable virtual silence with each other, just occasionally checking in.

Not that companionable silences are bad, but they make for a boring blog. So I've posted a comment on the forum hoping that it will stimulate some conversation. And my hope is that I can continue to every so often post something that will elicit our lurkers to comment and interact with each other. Since I posted a couple days ago and no one has responded, I figured it couldn't hurt to use this blog to direct people there (since there is some overlap in readership).

And if anyone has ideas about strategies to get the conversation re-started over there, I would love it if you'd share them with me. You can post a comment here or you can email me (my email address is available through my blogger profile).

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Indie Pereira said...

If we could get them to use an RSS feed then we could find out sooner when a conversation is going on and join in. I don't check very often and hadn't seen your post yet.