Saturday, January 20, 2007


So, here we are in Seattle!

It's been great. I slept in till 9:30 this morning, pretty awesome, I must say. I've watched some Battlestar Galactica with my mom, and tonight we will get me caught up on season 3 in time to enjoy the premier tomorrow night. And I'm reading the new posthumous collaborative Heinlein novel, Variable Star.

But I am also:
  1. grading TH 222 term sheets and exams
  2. writing up a paper proposal for a conference opportunity I just learned about, with a deadline of Jan 31
  3. working on my sermon for Feb 4
  4. prepping for precepting next semester's theology & sci fi course (ED 325)--PTS readers (all 2 of you), if you're looking for an awesome course for spring semester, check this one out!

So, basically, vacation means time to do all the stuff that I don't really have time to do at home. Except, you'll notice, the one thing I should be doing prominently not on my list...

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TKP said...

Where's the sermon going to be delivered?