Friday, January 05, 2007

things Clare is doing now, and Christmas '06 pics

things Clare is doing now:
  1. babbling: ga, la, da, na, ba, wa, even ma. She likes reduplications and Malda swears she heard "mama" while we were in TX. And she's definitely saying "dada."
  2. sitting up--she's an old pro at this by now. I saw her pull herself up from her tummy to sitting up during our visit.
  3. nearly crawling. I'll keep you posted.
  4. getting frustrated when I take a toy away. Not a very welcome milestone, let me add.
  5. eating her veggies with gusto. Once at Harding I had to take a psych test as part of the app process for becoming an RA. It had this question on it: "Do you eat your food with more gusto than other people?" I've been paranoid about my level of enjoyment of food ever since, but luckily, Clare has not inherited this neurotic anxiety.
  6. closely related to #5, pooping a lot more solidly than before. Yay.
Christmas Day at Granddad and as-yet-unlabeled grandmother's house

five generations: Zada Belle Finley Gravette, Clare Madalyn Thweatt Bates, Malda Lyn Coulson Bates (bottom, right to left); Delphene Gravette Coulson, James Brent Bates (top)


Casey. said...

Maybe one of things on the "things Clare is doing now list" should be "being absolutely adorable." I really like her hat.

Andrea Sue said...

sweet pics that is so cool to have all those generations together

TKP said...

Hey, don`t forget that she`s also touring the Met with TKP. Sweetness.

Anonymous said...

I miss you guys so much. I was bummed not to see her last night. Adam told me she's a doll.

Give Clare a squeeze from me. And Clare give your mommy a squeeze.
I could just eat those cheeks.