Wednesday, April 26, 2006

body image

I love my belly.

I love it way more now than I ever did back when I was skinny. Back then, I always felt like it was within the realm of possibility to have one of those gorgeous, muscle-y, flat tummies that beg to be adorned with a bellybutton ring just so there's an excuse to show it off. It was just that it was within that realm of untapped possibility that I just never could be bothered to realize. So I felt okay about my belly, but I was always slightly diappointed in it, and myself, because it wasn't the ideal flat tummy that we both knew it could be. It was just okay.

Now, I love my belly. I didn't expect to. I thought that it would be a real mental struggle for me to be all big and round and heavy. But it makes me proud. I love it that it's out there. My big ol' belly, even with the twisty-inside bellybutton turned inside out (not so gorgeous, I admit) and the funky linea negra.

The down side? Well, maternity pants kinda suck. As evidenced by the line of elastic torture marks across that beautiful belly.


kristen said...

Oh Jen, I'm in love. I love your belly too. And I love the kid in it. Maternity is so sweet.

TKP said...

Hi Baby! Jen, I got your super nerdy postcard and it made me laugh. It`s on my bulletin board in my room now.

RM said...

Love the pic! Can't wait to meet her in person :) I was actually just commenting to Tom B. the day before yesterday that you are one of the fittest pregnant people I know.

BTW, thanks for the kind words on the communion meditation.

R-Liz said...

I'm glad you love your belly, and I'm glad you're proud to show it off.

I loved my pregnant belly so much that it decided to stick around with me for awhile after the baby was born...and so did linea negra.