Sunday, December 23, 2012

Made up mommy songs

Please stop screaming (repeat 2x)
Please stop screaming at me

It's time to go to sleep (repeat)
You know i love you very much
And it's time to go to sleep

Who loves her baby, even when she's (fill in with undesirable state of being here)?
Who loves her baby, all the time?
Oh mama does, mama does, mama loves her baby
Mama loves her baby, all the time.


Just my way of getting through the day, dears! (The Samaritans were engaged.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So glad someone else does this. My most recent masterpiece goes:
Little Feet, little feet, little feet that I love.
Little legs, little legs, little legs that I love.
Little hips, little hips little hips that I love,
I love you!
But has recently evolved into:
Little screams (x3) that I love,
Little whispers (x3) that I love,
Little quiet (x3) that I love,
I love when you're calm!