Monday, November 08, 2010


On the way home from Atlanta last week, we saw lots of amusing and picturesque things. Clare liked the cows. Brent liked the great big water tower painted like a peach that also happens to resemble a human butt, IF you approach from the north (but not, we observed on the return trip, from the South. Coincidence? Maybe.) And I was greatly amused by the water tower labeled "SJWD," which prompted the mental exercise of creating a list of things that would fit the acronym for "Sh** Jesus Would Do." (It's nice to have something to keep you awake and alive on long roadtrips, after all.) Alas, my list is incomplete, but what's a blog for, anyways? Help me out. Add your contributions in the comments pls!

Sh** Jesus Would Do:
  1. bring the liquor
  2. speak the rude truth!
  3. play in the dirt 
  4. knock stuff over 
  5. tell weird stories and then tell people it's their fault if they don't get it


JJT said...

FTR, "SJWD" stands for "Startext-Jackson-Wellford-Duncan" Water District. Which explains why I saw it on a water tower, I reckon. :)

Katie said...

Invite himself over for dinner.

Roll his eyes. (I can't back it up with scripture, but it's just got to be true.)

Tell jokes about poop.

Look to see how much cash people put in the plate.

peace -- Katie

Katie said...

Oh, come on! Nobody else is going to play? I woke up last night thinking about these. But I won't go again till somebody else joins the conversation. peace -- Katie

JJT said...

Katie, here's some contributions from Facebook (my blog imports automatically over there and I often find that there are more comments on the FB version):

Chat up women at the water cooler

Mess with his friends by strolling out to their boat in the middle of the lake in the middle of the night and then walking right on by.

Lara said...

Gives some Christians the Stink Eye.


Consider the Lily.

Cure cancer.

Laugh the loudest.

Katie said...

Oh, shoot, it's the "Why are you not on Facebook already" thing again. I feel so alone in my resistance. So I don't know, would Jesus be on Facebook? [smile]

peace -- Katie

JJT said...

Show up in your midst without even knocking.

Katie, I agree, he totally had to have rolled his eyes. Multiple times.

And you absolutely should be on facebook you know.

Casey. said...

This thread led my brain to wonder what Jesus would do if he came to my house for a long weekend. The list is as follows:

1. Wear a tuxedo t-shirt.
2. Make enchiladas.
3. Do the dishes.
4. Not make fun of me for crying during Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but lament with me the fact that it's just become an extended advertising spot for Sears.
5. Enjoy the endless mimosa brunch.
6. Read all the magazines.
7. Help me move my a/c to the basement.