Sunday, August 15, 2010

okay, it was me. I knocked up Barbie.

profile view
full frontal

view of back closure & goring
So, this is definitely a very rough first try--but I have to say, for a non-crafty chick who's never made up a knitting pattern as she goes before, I'm pretty pleased with myself. I hope to decipher my notes and turn them into some kind of reproducible pattern without all the blunders and false starts that are evident in this one...Definitely, the whole thing could be a little more snug, I'm not in love with the ribbing on the bottom (a feature I borrowed from a sweater dress pattern I saw somewhere that wasn't free, alas), the increases in the middle of the belly are redundant and yucky looking...but hey, at least she really does look sorta pregnant.

And Clare seems to like it.

Pattern to be posted shortly, I promise.


Anonymous said...

It is possible to change Barbie's pose, although I don't know how. I think it involves boiling water. Artists go any direction from there. See the site "Altered Barbies." - TexasJoyce.

Anonymous said...

OK, does anyone else see a "jack-o-lantern" face on full frontal Barbie?? Intended,jtb??? I do like it!! After Barbie gives birth,which looks as if it could be any minute now, she could stuff her dress & use it for a Halloween costume!!

JJT said...

Yeah, the "jack-o-lantern" bit is there as a blunder I didn't bother frogging. I thought I would need some increases in the middle of the tummy, but I didn't, and it just came out as an extra little pooch in the that glitch is getting corrected in PreggersBarbie 2.0!