Wednesday, May 12, 2010

cheap tricks

Having lived the entirety of my decade of married life as a poor grad student bouncing from student housing apartment to another--till landing in this fabulous rectory, The Gwynne House, a year or so ago--I have my own set of "cheap tricks" for making it on a shoestring budget patched together from stipends, student loans, and part-time waitressing gigs. But I'm interested in your cheap tricks. What are your favorite ways of pinching pennies, making a meal out of the random oddities in the cupboard at the end of the week, etc.? I'm looking for everything from recipes for your favorite cheap meals to advice on navigating grocery stores without falling for those endcrap displays...


Quiara said...

My favorite "cheap trick" is a pretty decent meal, actually. I make this all the time as it's also pretty freakin' quick and not bad for you.

The beauty is that it can't (normally) be screwed up; it can only be augmented!

Cook some chicken breast of sufficient amount to make the people who will partake of it happy. However much you think is appropriate is probably accurate. Then dice it up.

Get some rice. Depends on how many people you want to feed with it as to how much and what sort depends on your personal taste. I prefer wild rice, but you may want white rice or basmati. Whatever floats your proverbial boat. Cook the rice.

Warm some black beans and corn (because it all comes in cans, right?) and toss those in the rice and with the cooked chicken. Use some tomatoes or some rotel mix if you want to make it kind of spicy. Get creative and add some kind of squash if you really want to. Or go another direction and use broccoli. Point is: warm some veggies of some sort and throw them in.

If you're into cheese, top with that. If not, season to taste some other way.


Easiest recipe ever, because you pretty much throw together what you've got and eat it. ^_^

dallasjoyce said...

1 chicken = 3 meals (but you have to have a small family)

1. Chicken breast/rice/veggies
2. Oven-baked legs, thighs, and wings, with some vegetables roasting along with the chicken.
3. Chicken/rice soup with leftovers and just-made biscuits.

Also a childhood meal - toast bread, spread with peanut butter, pour warm milk over, sprinkle with sugar to taste.