Friday, January 22, 2010

you can do something

So do it now.

Mission Lazarus, along with Healing Hands International and Mobile Medical Disaster Relief, has identified a specific problem that they are uniquely situated to address: the lack of anesthetics for necessary surgeries for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake. Right now, several members of Mission Lazarus are in Haiti, delivering the first rounds of these medications, and we can help them supply more.

CCfB is taking up a special collection for this effort on Sunday. For those of you outside of CCfB who would like to contribute to this specific effort, go to and make your donation through PayPal--don't forget to include the word "HAITI" in the details area to indicate what your donation is for.

And thank you.


Mark said...

Jennifer, I want you to know that I purchased and read the book "Half the Sky," as a result of seeing it on your blog. Excellent. Eye-opening. Thank you for recommending it.


JJT said...

welcome! now I feel like *I* can do something! :)