Wednesday, December 02, 2009

things you might consider buying me to prove you love me

Don't miss it: Clare's got a list too.

JTB's Post-Defense-Christmas-However Long it Takes Damn It! Wish List
  1. set of new business cards made by the one and only Virgil O. Stamps LetterPress Laboratory (a.k.a., the indomitable Sarah Coffman) (done, and they ROCK)
  2. that this year's NaNoWriMo will be different...and guilt-free (damn it. I'll have a third helping of guilt, please?)
  3. tennis that I will hopefully have time to play some tennis!
  4. a bottle of champagne, thank you very much. (or scotch.)
  5. Here Comes Science! (done, so, if you're Emily, any music that in your opinion I should be acquainted with but am not cool enough to be on my own)
  6. that Cyborg Feminist Mom mug TKP designed for me...very reasonably priced, too (or, alternatively, my superhero cape, please? a great addition to the ridiculous academic regalia...)
  7. speaking of, anyone wanna help with the buying of some ridiculous academic regalia?
  8. Encyclopedia of Science and Religion, edited by J. Wentzel van Huyssteen, et al.
  9. roadtrip to Canada! (already covered! yay!!! and merry Xmas Jen!)
  10. ....well, I'll leave this one blank (Brent, you know what goes here).
  11. France! (maybe not for Xmas. maybe for, say, some lovely leisurely springtime...)
  12. I'm a Mom with a Wish List
  13. I'm a Posthuman with a Wish List

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