Thursday, October 08, 2009

why change the funk?

Was listening to this on the way to school as part of our Halloween playlist. Says Clare: "mama what is this kind of music?" Says I: "it's funk, baby." Then, thinking maybe it might be counterproductive for Clare to internalize, say, the line about "come to me, let me bite your neck" (I mean, I can see a real daycare kerfuffle here), I skipped to the next song. Says Clare: "Mama why you change the funk?"


Lauren said...

You have to be careful with those inappropriate music lines. James's favorite song is Old Crow Medicine Show's "Tell it to Me", which includes the lines "drink your corn liquor, let the cocaine be" and "Cocaine, gonna kill my honey dead". When we first began playing the Old Crow CD for him, he loved the bluegrass twang and couldn't understand the words, so we didn't think anything of it. Now he requests this song every time we get in the car, sometimes by simply announcing, "I like cocaine!" I had to explain this to his daycare teacher so we didn't end up having a visit from DCS!

JJT said...

this has made me laugh all day long!!!

Anonymous said...

Jen, I love that things don't really change. You are always introducing people to wonderful new worlds of music! Remember bad music night? I still have the very special secret coded DMM tape you made for me. And one of these days, I'm gonna drive a camero to Hawaii.