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Science for Ministry Institute

In April and August of 2010, I will have the privilege of teaching a 5-day core course, "Questions in Theology and Science," and a 3-day elective course, "The Human Person in a Technological Age," for the Science for Ministry Institute. What is that, you may ask? See below, and check out the website.

This is uber-exciting, and not just because "Human Person in Tech Age" is code for "hey Jen would you like to teach smth on yr dissertation?" (A rhetorical question, right.) The other instructors are majorly impressive, the curriculum topics are comprehensive, guest keynote speakers are world-renowned, and--as the cost is subsidized by a grant from the Templeton Foundation--it's not expensive.

Science for Ministry Institute


Examining questions of origins and human nature at the intersection of science, theology, and Christian ministry.


Ministry professionals are not always situated to effectively deal with the complex landscape of contemporary science. Likewise, scientists of faith may not have access to the rich resources of the theological tradition. In either case, science often appears to be against Christian belief and practice. Is science against ministry, or is it possible to see science for ministry?

Breaking Down the Barriers to Dialogue


The Science for Ministry Institute at Princeton Theological Seminary is a one-of-a-kind education program designed to promote an informed and productive dialogue around issues of theology and science within churches and other Christian ministry contexts. This program's unique approach pairs a scientifically-curious pastor (or other ministry leader) with a theologically-sensitive scientist from the same ministry context. As educational partners, each participant pair will experience a variety of core and elective courses that address important topics in theology and science, focused on key questions surrounding the ideas of origins and human nature.

What is Involved?


The Science for Ministry Institute is designed for busy working professionals. The three-year program offers a variety of courses four times each year in one-, three-, and five-day intensive formats. Thanks to the generosity of the John Templeton Foundation, participation is very affordable. Convenient lodging and meals are provided, so participants are only required to provide transportation, course books, and a nominal daily fee. Each admitted ministry partner pair is required to take a core course that overviews the key questions of origins and human nature, after which they may freely select elective courses for the remainder of the Institute's three-year term.

Some of the Topics Covered

  • Evolution in Cosmology & Biology
  • Creation of the Universe
  • Human Evolution
  • Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
  • Human Morality & Ethics

Getting Started

  1. Review the program details, starting with the Program Description.
  2. Select a program partner. Read more about that here.
  3. Fill out and return two applications (one for yourself and one for your partner).

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