Thursday, December 18, 2008

Virgil O. Stamps

Looking for that perfect one-of-a-kind, kind-to-the-earth gift item for that way-too-conscientious earthy artsy person in your life? (you know we all have one, nowadays. if not, maybe it's you.)

Check out Virgil O. Stamps.

I asked Virgil to make me a guestbook for The Gwynne House, and a week later, I had my one-of-a-kind handbound art object in hand (pssst, Virgil, you forgot to tell me how much I owe you...). It is beautiful--exactly the kind of thing I wanted without having any idea what I was envisioning. Virgil is not only creative and kind to the earth--he reads minds too! On the outside cover is "The Gwynne House," and inside the pages have that marvelous old-book thick texture, interspersed with (see pic below) pages from an old children's Bible A-B-C book. Nifty!

On my wish list case anyone's interested...are some business cards backed by recycled kid's art from the little artists residing in Virgil's Brooklyn neighborhood. Or maybe the thrown-out kids books...or maybe (in my stuffy academicky moods) the old German texts...nope, definitely the kiddie art. [Let me know if you do this for me, because if no one does, I'm buying them for myself. Vistaprint was fine...till I met Virgil.]


virgil o. stamps said...

thanks, dude. i aim to please. you should see all of the new crap i've found--some comic books with ads for gi joe and the smurfs and mr. t and qbert on the inside, old issues of circus magazine, and some pretty sweet dolly parton albums. including the soundtrack to, "rhinestone." don't be jealous.

p.s. i never sign anything i make unless someone asks. it wasn't an intentional slight to decrease the value of your book.

JTB said...

officially asking! I just think anything that cool ought to give credit to its maker!