Monday, November 03, 2008


  1. beyond awesome to see LP and EKB again. It has to be understated because there's not enough exclamation points to do it justice.
  2. and The Feminarian!, Ken R, all three members of my dissertation committee, Fred, JR, LeRon Shults who seemed to know exactly who I was, lunch with Dr. Noreen Herzfeld (wow!), great conversations with Amy DeBaets, other PTS folks, met Chris K (editor for forthcoming co-authored article), and marvelous hang out time with the Mercedes-Bohannon-Nolan fam (plus Sylva remembers me! I'm Clare's mama!)
  3. paper went well.
  4. schmoozing went well.
  5. lots of Obama t-shirts visible on venerable scholars on Monday morning.
  6. big, big, big happy smiles from Clare on picking me up from the airport. Spontaneous hugs and I love yous. Heart-melting stuff, even for an unsentimental hostile-dominant type like myself.

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Vasca said...

Aahh...what a great relief discovering that Cyborg's really do have hearts...that bleed yet. That's a huge plus. I was a tad concerned. But really, you're the only professed Cyborg with whom I have a personal acquaintance. I'm learning...ever so slowly.